Seam TV Series 6 Episode

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Five years after a war against the Machines, the world is once again on the brink of war. After a long peace, intermittent suicide bombings start occurring throughout the countries that survived the war, the bombers being consumed by internal energy. No one knows what’s causing these bombings, least of all the bombers themselves.

In the midst of this, YUSEF is a young man in Amman, Jordan, secretly dating a spirited refugee girl AYANA from the nearby camps. Yusef's father HOSNI is a military policeman, a widow whose wife died during the war. When Ayana discovers she's one of these sleepers, Yusef helps hide her from the authorities and his father, and they make a choice to journey across the Middle East with a band of other sleepers, hunted at every turn. They find out that the sleepers were created by the Machines, a last resort to prevent annihilation. As tensions escalate, Ayana and Yusef hope to find a way to survive the conflict, and may hold the key to stopping the war before it consumes the world.

Jinn TV Series 6 Episode

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When a group of teenagers in Jordan accidentally steal relics taken from a Syrian temple destroyed by ISIS, they release a fire being known as a Jinn who manifests as a teenager without memories, as well as an Ifrit, a demon of vengeance. As the Jinn attempts to understand the new modern world and it's place within it, the Ifrit causes havoc with a scorned member of the teenage group, and the teenagers must come together to find a way to battle these ancient supernatural forces before they tear apart the modern world.


Feature Script*

*(would rewrite as TV Series or Feature for Arab World)

Following a car accident, a teenager wakes up in a mysterious hospital to discover he is actually in an artificial android body, amongst a group of other experimental teenage patients learning to use this technology. He, along with another young woman, begin to realize the facility is not what it seems to be.

They break out to find the lives they left behind, while pursued by those who must guard the secrets his body represents… secrets including the quest for immortality.